DECORATING St. John's for Easter, Holy Saturday, Apr 15, Time: TBA. POC Br. William Key


Rebuild Frederick is Saturday April 29th!
We need to know who is interested and what skills that you have to donate, so that a house or houses can be selected. Let me know which of the skills you can contribute and if you have any tools or a pickup:< /br> Painting, Power Washing, Hauling Junk/ cleaning, Carpentry:replace Gutters, fix widows, hang doors, replace flooring, Plumbing, Electrical.< /br> POC: DGK JOHN Bargero, email: Johnebarge@yahoo.com





Added 12/24/2016 - Photo of SJRS students with "Keep Christ in Christmas" awards.


Added 12/24/2016 - Photos of Decorating St. John the Evangelist Church on 12/23/2016.

2016-1223-DSC_0032 2016-1223-DSC_0033 2016-1223-DSC_0038 2016-1223-DSC_0039 2016-1223-DSC_0040
2016-1223-DSC_0041 2016-1223-DSC_0042 2016-1223-DSC_0044 2016-1223-DSC_0051 2016-1223-DSC_0053
2016-1223-DSC_0055 2016-1223-DSC_0057      


Added 12/12/2016 - Photos of Council Christmas Party on 12/10/2016.

2016-1210-DSC_0956 2016-1210-DSC_0957 2016-1210-DSC_0958 2016-1210-DSC_0959 2016-1210-DSC_0960
2016-1210-DSC_0961 2016-1210-DSC_0962 2016-1210-DSC_0963 2016-1210-DSC_0964 2016-1210-DSC_0965
2016-1210-DSC_0966 2016-1210-DSC_0967 2016-1210-DSC_0968 2016-1210-DSC_0969 2016-1210-DSC_0970
2016-1210-DSC_0971 2016-1210-DSC_0973 2016-1210-DSC_0974 2016-1210-DSC_0975 2016-1210-DSC_0976
2016-1210-DSC_0977 2016-1210-DSC_0978 2016-1210-DSC_0979 2016-1210-DSC_0980 2016-1210-DSC_0981
2016-1210-DSC_0982 2016-1210-DSC_0983 2016-1210-DSC_0984 2016-1210-DSC_0986 2016-1210-DSC_0987
2016-1210-DSC_0988 2016-1210-DSC_0989 2016-1210-DSC_0993    


Added 11/19/2016 - Photos of Council 1st Degree on 11/15/2016.

2016-1115-DSC_0938 2016-1115-DSC_0939 2016-1115-DSC_0940 2016-1115-DSC_0941 2016-1115-DSC_0942  


Added 11/21/2016 - Photos of Annual Memorial Service on 11/11/2016.

2016-1111-DSC_0897 2016-1111-DSC_0898 2016-1111-DSC_0904 2016-1111-DSC_0905 2016-1111-DSC_0910
2016-1111-DSC_0912 2016-1111-DSC_0915 2016-1111-DSC_0916 2016-1111-DSC_0917 2016-1111-DSC_0918
2016-1111-DSC_0920 2016-1111-DSC_0928 2016-1111-DSC_0929 2016-1111-DSC_0929 2016-1111-DSC_0932
2016-1111-DSC_0933 2016-1111-DSC_0934 2016-1111-DSC_0935 2016-1111-DSC_0936  



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