Knights of Columbus
Bishop McNamara Council 1622
Frederick, MD
Knights of Columbus emblem

PGK=Past Grand Knight, PFN=Past Faithful Navigator (4th Degree).
Further below are
- Program Directors and Committee Chairs
- Home Corporation Officers

Council Officers
Grand Knight Al Harris
GK, Michael Harrison

Chaplain - Rev. Robert Jaskot
Assoc. Chaplain - Rev. Keith Boivert
Grand Knight - SK Michael Harrison
Deputy Grand Knight - SK Joel Tootill
Chancellor - Michael Czarnecki
Warden - David Zakrzwski
Recorder - John Fox
Treasurer - SK David Shumway
Advocate - David Mortenson
Inside Guard - SK Matthew Meadows
Outside Guard - J. Patrick Curley
Trustee ( 3 Yr) - SK William Kinsella Sr., PGK
Trustee ( 2 Yr) - SK Richard J. O'Connor, PGK, PFN
Trustee ( 1 Yr) - SK David Satterfield, PGK
Delegate to State Convention - SK Joel Tootill
1st Alternate to Convention - Michael Czarnecki
2nd Alternate to Convention - David Zakrzwski
Financial Secretary - SK D. James Dowell, PGK
Lecturer - Eric Phillips

Programs and Committees
Program Director: Joel Tootill
Church Director: SK David Satterfield, PGK
 St. John Roundtable: Lawrence Lindner, Jr.
 St. Joseph Roundtable: SK Joseph Brashears, PGK
 Pro Life: vacant
  Memorial Mass/Dinner: SK Dave Satterfield & Dave Wilson
Community Director: Eric Phillips
  Share Food co-op: SK D.James Dowell, PGK
 Tootsie Roll Drive for Mentally Handicapped : SK J. Patrick Curley, III
Council Director: Joel Tootill
 SJPH Bingo Team: SK Dave Satterfield, PGK
 Car Raffle: Joe Fitzgibbon
  Degree Team Chairman: SK Michael Harrison, GK
 Lenten Fish Fry: SK David Satterfield, Eric Phillips & Rodney Voisine
 Preakness Ushers: SK Tom Defibaugh, PGK, PFN & SK William Kinsella, Sr., PGK
Family Director: SK Dave Zakrzwski
 Family of Month/Year: SK Dave Zakrzwski
 Family Picnic: SK Bernard Litchfield, Jr.
Youth Director: SK Richard Fairley
 "Keep Christ in Christmas" Poster Contest: Julius Pellegrino
 Youth Basketball Freethrow: SK Richard Fairley
Membership Director: SK Williams Kinsella, Sr., PGK
  Recruitment: SK Williams Kinsella, Sr., PGK

Charity Committee: SK Richard O'Conner, PGK, PFN

2001 Home Corporation
President: Michael Czarnecki - 1 yr
Vice President:
Treasurer: SK David Shumway - 3 yr
Director: Eric Phillips - 3 yr
Director: Alfred Marinelli - 3yr
Director: Charles Aaron - 2 yr
Director: SK Richard Fairley - 2 yr
Director: SK Lawrence Mattivi - 1 yr
Director: SK Richard O'Connor, PGK, PFN - 1 yr
Director: David Mortenson, 2 yr

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