Knights of Columbus
Bishop McNamara Council 1622
Frederick, MD
Knights of Columbus emblem
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(From left to right)
Rear:  SK Martin Luchansky PGK - District 3 Deputy,
       SK Gary Armbruster PGK - District 3 Warden,
       SK David Satterfield PGK - Trustee,
       SK Thomas Defibaugh PGK PFN - Fr.McGivney Guild Coord.,
       Phillip "Pete" Sterner - Advocate.

Middle:  SK Matthew Meadows - Outside Guard,
       Rev Robert Jaskot - Chaplain,
       J. Patrick Curley III - Inside Guard,
       Joel Tootill - Chancellor,
       Eric Phillips - Lecturer,
       Michael Czarnecki - Warden.

Front:  SK Richard O'Connor PGK PFN - Trustee,
       Michael Harrison PGK - Deputy Grand Knight,
       SK William Kinsella Sr - Grand Knight,
       SK Lawrence Mattivi - Financial Secretary,
       SK David Shumway - Treasurer,
       SK Patrick Sullivan Sr PGK - Trustee.
To contact an officer, or the council generally, send your message to theWebmaster Dave Satterfield <>, and it will be appropriately forwarded promptly.
Further below are other positions.
Council Officers and Program Directors

Chaplain             Rev. Rob Jaskot
Associate Chaplain   Rev. Keith Boivert
Grand Knight         William J. Kinsela Sr.
Deputy Grand Knight  Michael Harrison  
Financial Secretary  Lawrence J. Mattivi
Chancellor           Joel Tootill
Warden               Michael Czarnecki
Treasurer            David M. Shumway
Recorder             Patrick M. Sullivan. Sr.
Advocate             Phillip "Pete" Sterner

Lecturer             Eric Phillips
Inside Guard         J. Patrick Curley III
Outside Guard        Matthew P. Meadows
3yr Trustee          Richard J. O'Connor
2yr Trustee          E. Allen Harris
1yr Trustee          David B. Satterfield

First Delegate       William J. Kinsella Sr.
Second Delegate      Michael Harrison
First Alternate      Joel Tootill
Second Alternate     Michael Czarnecki

General Program Dir  Michael Harrison
Church Director      David B. Satterfield
Council Director     Joel Tootill
Family Director      Dave Shumway
Youth Director       Richard Fairley
Community Director   Eric Phillips

Fr McGivney  Coord.  Tom Defibaugh
Membership           Bill Brown
Recruitment          Bill Kinsella
Retention*           Michael Harrison,
                     Larry Mattivi,
                     Dick O'Connor,
                     Dave Satterfield,
                     Patrick Sullivan Sr.
Refreshments         Tom Defibaugh
Habidashary          Larry Mattivi

*Members determined by position

General Program Director – Michael Harrison 06/06/00

Church Activities – Dave Satterfield
RSVP – Larry Mattivi
Round Table – St. John the Evangelist: Larry Lindner,
  St. Josephs: Joe Brashears,
Pro Life – Al Marinelli
Memorial Mass – Dave Satterfield
Father/Son Communion Breakfast ??
Corporate Mass ??

Community Activities – Eric Phillips
Bingo – Dave Satterfield
Bingo at St. John’s Fair – Bernie Litchfield Jr.
Charity Committee - Chairman: Dick O’Connor
Scholarship Funds – Dick O’Connor
Mental Retardation/Tootsie Roll Drive – Pat Curley
SHARE – Chairman: Jim Dowell..
  Co-Chairmen: Bob Dickenson Sr. and Rich Owens
Citizen of Year - ???
Police Officer Firefighter & EMT of the year – Pat Sullivan, Sr.

Family Activities – Dave Shumway
Family Picnic – Bernie Litchfield Jr.
Family of the Month and Year – Dave Shumway
October Social – Bill Brown
Spring Social – Rich Fairley

Council – Joel Tootill
Knight of Month and Year – Bill Kinsella and Michael Harrison
Car Raffle – Chairman: Joe Fitzgibbon
  Co-Chairmen (Dave Mortenson and Aaron Tootill)
Flag Day Celebration – Bernie Litchfield Sr.
Fish Fry – Dave Wilson and Dave Satterfield
Pancake Breakfast – Dave Wilson
Preakness – Tom Defibaugh
Christmas Party – Tom Defibaugh
Newsletter – Dave Satterfield, Tom Defibaugh, and Bill Kinsella
Blood Drive- Rich Fairley
1st degree team – Michael Harrison
2nd Degree – DD Martin Luchansky, Bill Kinsella Council 1622 coordinator
Website – Dave Satterfirld
Phone News – Dave Satterfield
Phone List – Dave Satterfield

Youth Activities – Rich Fairley
Keep Christ in Christmas – Julius Pelligrino
Foul Shooting – Rich Fairley and Al Harris
Soccer Shoot Out – Rich Fairley
Altar Server Recognition – Rich Fairley and Fr. Rob
Christmas Basketball Tournament – Rich Fairley

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